About Nha Trang Kitchen

Nha Trang Kitchen are purveyors of authentic and flavourful Vietnamese street food in London. It was founded by Chau Nguyen and inspired by her family roots in Nha Trang (Vietnam) and the delightful home-cooked meals that surrounded her childhood. Therefore Nha Trang Kitchen was formed to encapsulate the tastes and smells you would find walking through the street food markets in Vietnam with all their bright colours and robust flavours. Using market fresh produce of meats, fish, herbs and salads to give you a distinct taste of the Vietnamese food that we love, from recipes passed down from many generations.

You can find us all over London popping up at various street food markets, catering for corporate & private events, wedding, office deliveries, pop ups...you name it! 

Please contact us at info@nhatrang-kitchen.com if you would like something a little different but bound to be a crowd pleaser at your next event. Also follow us on instagram, twitter & facebook (@nhatrangkitchen) for regular updates of our locations.


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